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New Zealand Celebrants

New Zealand has many celebrants from all walks of life that can help to make your wedding/civil ceremony the great experience it should be.

Please browse this website using the location and category dropdowns left for your local Celebrants.

Affordable Rental Cars
From past 23 years, Affordable Rental Cars Ltd. has been providing quality rentals service in New Zealand. They not only offer car rentals but trailers, vans, trucks and minivans as well to make sure that they have something for everyone, which makes them one of the best rental companies around.

The best thing about them is that they offer booking service through their website. So you don?t really have to take out time to visit in person for booking a vehicle for you. All you need to do is to visit Affordable rental cars Ltd. website and make a booking.

About the company: They are New Zealand owned and operated company, so people at Affordable Rental Cars Ltd. understand your needs exactly. They are located just 10 minutes away from Auckland international airport and if you need, during the normal office hours, they can also provide you free courtesy coach transfers. Forget about how you will go to your hotel from airport, because Affordable Rental Cars Ltd. will take care of your transportation to hotel from the airport.

Moving trucks that can be driven on a car license can also be availed from Affordable Rental Cars Ltd. Since moving trucks are usually required for heavy and big items, a handtrolley comes handy. If you plan to hire moving truck from Affordable Rental Cars Ltd. they provide you with handtrolley and packing blankets so that you have a hassle free shift.
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48 Carr Road, Mt. Roskill

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